Becoming One


Love is like a tree. It is planted as a seed in the depths of the soul, sprouts to the surface, and gradually spreads its branches to become a fully-fledged relationship bearing flowers and fruit.

Each stage of love's growth has its own qualities and challenges, risks and opportunities. The inner dimensions of the Torah, Kabbalah and Chassidut, provides us with the knowledge and tools necessary to uncover the secrets of love. Using the Kabbalistic sefirot model we can map out its stages, describe each stage, and learn what inner work it invites us to take part in.

The book: Becoming One - A Kabbalistic Guide to Finding and Nurturing True Love is at once a profoundly spiritual and highly practical handbook to navigating the wonderful and mysterious landscape of love, from one of the greatest living masters of Jewish spirituality.

Written by Nir MenussiS

oftcover, 196 pages.

הרשמו עכשיו וקבלו עדכונים מ"גל עיני"

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